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Start your journey with areeka web

  • Short questionnaire
    Short questionnaire
    Answer a few questions to help us identify your needs
  • Get matched with therapists
    Get matched with therapists
    Select one of the therapists recommended for you
  • Private and secure therapy
    Private and secure therapy
    Select a plan and start your mental health and well-being journey

Why areeka web?

    • Your privacy, security, and anonymity are assured. We are HIPAA compliant.

    • Receive a response from your therapist within 24 hours

    • Optimise your time by not having to commute

    • Switch therapists any time at no additional cost

    • Select a therapist who speaks your language

Therapy customised just for you

    • Identify the specific issues you want to work on with your therapist

    • Benefit from new, informed perspectives

    • Gain new insights as you move towards your personal goals

    • Increase your mindfulness and self-awareness

    • Find a resolution to the concerns that led you into therapy

Individual therapy
    • Identify the specific issues you want to work on with your therapist

    • Rediscover your relationship’s strengths through a solutions-oriented approach

    • Gain insight into relationship patterns and dysfunctional dynamics

    • Practice conflict-resolution strategies for improved empathy and problem-solving skills

    • Learn communication tools to restore trust and increase self-awareness

Couples therapy
    • Select a recommended therapist who specialises in teenage issues

    • Talk about your teen’s situation with the therapist

    • Upon your consent, the therapist is connected with your child

    • The therapist interacts with your child via text, voice recordings or live video sessions

    • Confidentiality is a requirement, but the therapist will alert you if red flags are raised

Teen therapy

Benefits of areeka web’s online therapy

  • Therapy wherever you are
    Therapy wherever you are
    Talk with your therapist from your place of comfort, no matter where you are. Simply log in from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to start your therapy session.
  • We speak your language
    We speak your language
    Get matched with qualified, specialised therapists from around the world who are fluent in Arabic, English, French and more.
  • Privacy assured through HIPAA compliance
    Privacy assured through HIPAA compliance
    Regardless of where you log in from, your communication is secure and confidential.

Therapists you can rely on

Therapists you can rely on
All of our therapists have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, a minimum of 5 years working in private practice, and 3 years working under supervision. They are 100% certified specialists in their fields. Our therapists can help you to explore ways of dealing with depression, relationships, anxiety and stress, parenting, chronic illness, eating disorders, anger management, childhood abuse, mood swings, OCD, trauma and grief, substance abuse, family conflict, LGBTQIA+, and any other challenges you may be facing. They are located worldwide and speak many languages, including Arabic, English and French.
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